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We solve ROBOTICS problems.

We're a full-service robotics engineering studio turning impossible ideas into reliable solutions.

Experience And Expertise

At Rubicon Robotics, innovation is the core of our identity. Jeff Ford, our CEO, is an electrical engineer, and entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience innovating new products and bringing them to market.

Jordan Ford, our CTO, earned a PhD from Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute. At CMU, he wrote motion planning algorithms for autonomous vehicles, designed novel mapping algorithms for nuclear inspection robots, and led multi-million dollar projects for the US Dept. of Energy and NASA.

Our mission is clear: to provide innovative robotics solutions that empower companies to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape.

We thrive on complexity, embrace innovation, and are committed to crafting solutions that make a lasting impact. Join us as we pave the way for the future of robotics, one project at a time.

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Featured Projects

Some projects aren't public—here's a few that are. Explore the most recent highlights from our blog that showcase the breadth and depth of our work.

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SIMD Lidar
Deep Network
X-Ray Video
Lunar Roving

Client Testimonials

Our expertise spans a diverse range of technical disciplines. We bring breadth of experience and depth of knowledge to bear on every project.

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Robert Ferreira
Robert Ferreira
Sr. Director, Business Development at Intel Corporation
“I have found Jeff to be a man of integrity, always standing behind his word and commitments. Jeff takes his commitments seriously and can be counted on to hit key dates with a quality deliverable. I would highly recommend Jeff as someone who can help you build and run a world class engineering organization.”
Mack Pierson
Mack Pierson
Sr. Design Engineer at Alphatec Spine
“Rubicon was invaluable in overcoming signal compatibility challenges we encountered when integrating our product with 3rd-party technology. They not only resolved our problem but also transferred their knowledge to our internal team, thus increasing our team’s self-sufficiency. I highly recommend working with Rubicon on any technical challenges you may encounter.”
Roger Kubalek
Roger Kubalek
AgTech Entrepreneur at All-Purpose Electric
"Rubicon understood my problem quickly and developed a fast, practical controls solution that worked! I appreciated their ability to communicate effectively and their attention to detail with all of the supporting documentation for the project. I look forward to working with them in the future."

Robotics Solutions

From capacitors to computer vision, from agriculture to aerospace—our versatile team thrives on challenges that cross a broad range of technologies and industries.

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