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Fast Lossless LiDAR Data Compression

We invented a SIMD compression algorithm for LiDAR scans.

LiDAR sensors are now ubiquitous in autonomous driving, mapping, infrastructure monitoring, and more. In many applications, LiDAR sensors produce tens or hundreds of gigabytes of data per hour — all of which must be processed, transmitted, and stored... read more

Building an autonomous rover for NASA

Fast autonomous micro-rovers could explore the Moon's massive pits.

Hundreds of immense pits on the moon are mysterious portals to the subsurface. Small, fast rovers could explore pit rims to reveal the geologic timeline and discover access to habitable caves... read more

Reverse Engineering an X-Ray Video Source

Decoding a nonstandard video signal using an oscilloscope trace.

We recently helped a medical devices company reverse engineer and decode the nonstandard video output from their X-Ray imaging machine. We analyzed an oscilloscope recording of the video signal and developed tools to accurately measure the waveform timing... read more

Motion Control Solutions for an Agtech Prototype

Skid-steer kinematics implemented on an embedded motor controller.

TerraTug is an electric hauling vehicle for transporting agricultural materials between crops. We designed a motion control solution using the client’s existing motor controller and implemented the low-level control loop needed to make it drivable... read more

Deep Neural Networks for Coax Network Inspection

Training deep NNs to find bad amplifiers hiding in national cable networks.

Using metadata from MoCA/DOCSIS enabled set tops, gateways and WiFi access points in their network, ComplexIQ is able to remotely discern critical, previously unavailable information about... read more

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